The Story of

Nan Lewis Jewelry

Nan Lewis, Owner-Designer at Nan Lewis Jewelry

photo credit: Jean Terman Photography

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”  ~ ~ George Eliot

This quote is a touchstone for me in my life. It gives me such a great feeling of hope.

Anything is possible. 


I’ve come full circle in my life.

When I was little, I would pour over my mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry boxes – – deeply in love with the beautiful colors, shapes, and mystery of the “jewels.”  Where did they come from, I wondered, imaginging elaborate balls and elegant parties…

I lost sight of that love as I grew up.  Forcing myself to be practical, I wound up with a business degree and a slew of  hobbies that just didn’t make me happy. 

But then…

When my Mom passed away, she left me all her beading supplies.  I was left with tons of gemstone beads and findings and didn’t know what to do with them.   So… I took a class … and was totally hooked from there! 

Having re-discovered my early love of “jewels,” I enrolled in an intensive program at Studio Jewelers, Ltd. in New York City where I was trained in metal fabrication, stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl stringing techniques.  I graduated in 2004 and launched Nan Lewis Jewelry two years later.

My designs are a reflection of my inner world – – inspired by feelings, dreams, and images I receive when listening to music and observing nature. I strive to create designs that are different from what is commonly out there in the jewelry stores and especially love using unusual and lesser-known natural gemstones because they have so much individuality and character.  Many of my designs can be customized for you by varying the length, metal, or stones used, so you can really create a piece that is uniquely yours. 

I believe, when you wear jewelry you love, it absorbs a bit of your soul, and when you give that jewelry to someone, they will always have a bit of you with them. So I create jewelry that has intrinsic value by using only precious and semi-precious stones and metals that will stand the test of time and become beloved treasures handed down to family and loved ones.

I hope my jewelry and my story will inspire you to never stop pursuing your dreams, and that when you wear it, you will feel as beautiful, strong, and brave as you really are – – because it’s never too late to pursue your dreams!