Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?

One of the first questions children learn to ask is "Why?" Finish your green beans. Why? Because they’re good for you. Why? Because they will make you strong and healthy. But whyyy? <sigh> Because I said so, that’s why! As we get older, the issues become more...

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O Star!

Stars are a thing with me. Sometimes, when I'm feeling scattered and tired, I step out my back door at night to look at the sky. I live in a very built up suburban area and the night is never really dark. Still, unless there's total cloud cover, I can see...

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Glorious Amethyst Wakes Up February!

I've always loved Amethyst - - the rich purple color just can't be ignored! It's my brother's birthstone (February) and my Mom had a fabulous Amethyst ring made which I have inherited and wear often. I think of them both whenever I wear it! Being the bookworm I am, I...

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Two Roads – Which Will You Choose?

A friend of mine's husband just passed away from a terrible form of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. I never actually met him.  But it's amazing how someone you barely know can have a huge impact on your life. Going to the funeral, hearing about his life and how...

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Foretell the Future with an Emerald?

Well...Maybe! In ancient times, emeralds were thought to enable the wearer to see into the future.  They were prized by magicians for their ability to defeat spells and enchantments.  They were revealers of truth. Those who wished to be eloquent speakers would seek to...

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So you think you know diamonds, do you?

You see them in every jewelry store and jewelry advertisement - - Songs have been written about them, (Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds;) and "wanna be" brides are anxious to get that diamond ring!   But what do you really know about...

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What Color is Summer?

What Color Do You Think of When You Think of Summer? Today is September 1st, Labor Day in the United States, and seen by many as being the end of Summer. Boo... Hiss...didn’t Summer just start?? When I think of summer, I think of warm, sunny days, visits to the Jersey...

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