A Message from Nan – – 

Nan Lewis Portrait Photo

Jewelry connects loved ones to each other – – it captures shared memories.

I believe, when you wear or love a piece of jewelry it absorbs a bit of your soul, and when you give it to someone they can feel you with them, and you will always be with them.

Jewelry Transmits Love – – and Love is All.

That’s why I use only precious metals and gemstones that are natural, from the Earth, and treated or enhanced as little as possible in my designs – – because they are gifts from nature just as they are – – not perfect, but beautiful and interesting.

I strive to create designs that are different from the boring, same old same old, things commonly out there in the jewelry stores. They attempt to capture feelings inspired by dreams, music and nature.  Many can be customized for you by varying the length, metal, or stones used, so if you see a piece you like but it isn’t exactly what you want, give me a call or email me, and together we can create a piece that is uniquely yours.

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