Sterling Silver and Turquoise Drops Post Earrings, by Nan Lewis Jewelry

MORNING MOON Sterling Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings


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You can't sleep any're wide awake, mind buzzing with everything you want to get done today. You glance out the window and, surprise, the moon is still out! You go outside to get a better look... it's a full moon, shining serenely in the pre-dawn stillness. You take a deep breath, and then another, and gaze at the sky. The coolness and quiet calm you as you drink it in. Then, on the eastern horizon, the palest line of light appears and grows. You smile. You're ready to take on the day, and you go inside to dress. Which earrings will you wear? Your MORNING MOON turquoise earrings shine from within your jewel box. Gazing at them, you feel that sweet calm come over you again...and you smile as you put them on.

Protect your Jewels

Don’t wear your jewelry when swimming – – chlorine and salt water can weaken the metal and ruin the high polish finish over time. Wash it gently in warm soapy water; immediately dry with a soft cloth. Rub with jewelry polishing cloth or silver polish as desired. OK to use ultrasonic cleaner, ionic cleaner, or steam on pieces without gemstones. Use of “dip” jewelry cleaners not recommended as they can ruin the surface of the metal with frequent use.

MORNING MOON Sterling Silver Turquoise Drop Earrings

  • Earrings approximately 1 1/4" long; top approximately 3/8" wide
  • Sterling Silver Posts and push backs
  • Natural Arizona Turquoise direct from the Kingman Mine - - -Stabilized to protect color; never dyed
  • Colors in the stones will vary, courtesy of Mother Nature - - no two are ever alike
  • Each drop approximately 17mm long x 8mm wide
  • Tarnish-Resistant Sterling Silver minimizes polishing
  • Handcrafted with love in the United States from the world’s most wondrous materials
  • Qualifies for Free Shipping