What Color Do You Think of When You Think of Summer?

Today is September 1st, Labor Day in the United States, and seen by many as being the end of Summer.
Boo… Hiss…didn’t Summer just start??

When I think of summer, I think of warm, sunny days, visits to the Jersey Shore, and dreams of vacations to tropical beaches. And to me, the color turquoise means summer.

Wearing my Turquoise jewelry reminds me of those sunny, peaceful, happy summer days.

I put on that necklace… those earrings… and I’m immediately transported back to that wonderful time and place!

When you buy turquoise jewelry, you should be aware that there are different kinds and qualities. Some is bluer, some greener; some has a lot of dark matrix and some has very little to none.
 It can be all natural and untreated or treated to strengthen it or improve the color.
All these factors determine whether we like how it looks and how valuable it is.

Here are some examples:  Examples of different kinds of Turquoise

Line 1: Persian Turquoise – top of the line, gem-quality, robin’s egg blue color, no dark matrix, untreated, all natural.

Line 2: Sleeping Beauty Mine – top of the line turquoise, from Arizona, USA, practically indistinguishable from Persian, extremely little to no dark matrix, untreated, all natural.

Line 3: Arizona Turquoise, Stabilized for strength, natural color, some dark matrix.

Line 4: Slightly greener in color, this is from Nevada, USA, extremely little dark matrix, all natural, untreated.

Line 5: Arizona Turquoise, bluer in color, these nuggets have a lot of dark matrix and are stabilized for strength. Natural color.

Line 6: Chinese Turquoise, greener in color, lots of dark matrix, stabilized, natural color.


Most turquoise you see in stores is treated in some way to improve its color and strength. Plastic, paraffin, wax, oil, and dye can all be used.  It is also possible to make imitation turquoise by taking powdered turquoise, bonding it in plastic, and forming it into the desired shape, or to simulate it using glass or other kinds of stones.

It takes a knowledgeable gemologist to determine whether turquoise is natural or treated in some way.  But I think it’s enough to know that:

  • fine gem-quality turquoise is extremely rare and quite expensive
  • turquoise is a soft stone – keep away from heat and chemicals
  • perspiration, skin oils, and cosmetics may turn blue turquoise green
  • the more dark matrix is present, the more fragile it is, so more likely to be treated to stabilize it
  • treated turquoise is less valuable than untreated
  • lower cost usually means lower quality
  • clean only with warm, soapy water

It’s all beautiful, isn’t it?  I actually like the dark matrix in some Turquoise…gives the stone a lot of character and individuality!

Summer doesn’t have to be over!  Wear your turquoise, enjoy, and feel like summer all year long!  

What color means “Summer” to you?

If you want a necklace or earrings like this but done in YOUR Summer Color, Contact Me and I’ll make one for you in the stone and color that will take you back to summer.

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