One of the first questions children learn to ask is “Why?”

Finish your green beans.
Because they’re good for you.
Because they will make you strong and healthy.
But whyyy?
<sigh> Because I said so, that’s why!

As we get older, the issues become more complicated, but we still ask “Why?”

Why is the sky blue? Why did the dinosaurs die out? Why is the sea level rising?
Why does Nan Lewis make jewelry?

Why DO I make jewelry?

I’ve asked myself “Why” several times until I got to the crux of the matter: 

Because it’s fun.
Because it lets me express myself.
Because it is something that will last.
Because my Mother’s jewelry means a lot to me.
Because wearing my Mother’s jewelry makes me feel like she’s with me in this time and place.
Because wearing the jewelry my husband gives me, I remember that special moment and enjoy the memory.
Because wearing the necklace my Father gave me reminds me of how happy it made him to give it to me.

Why do I use only precious metal and natural, minimally treated gemstones in making my jewelry?

Because I want to create things that have real value.
Because I love nature.
Because I love earth sciences and knowing why and how gemstones are created.
Because I love the beauty and infinite variation in the gems, as the earth made them.
Because the imperfections in the natural gems are what make them interesting and unique.

Why is Nan Lewis Jewelry perfect for you?

Because you feel the same about jewelry.  You understand what it means to the giver, to the receiver, to the wearer.  You know that quirks and imperfections in people and things are what make them unique and give them character. You believe, as I do, that jewelry connects souls through time and space; that it transmits love; and that Love is All.


Every piece of Nan Lewis Jewelry is handcrafted with these values and feelings embedded within it.

I hope you can feel it.
That’s why I do this.
And that’s why it will be special to you.